A translated text should have the same “feel” as the original, have an authentic “flavour” as well as being grammatically and stylistically correct.

How do we ensure this? Simple. Either the text is translated or proofread by a native speaker of the target language. In this way, we guarantee that our translations represent the best possible quality.


The price of a translation is calculated according to the number of translation pages.

What’s a translation page? Basically, it is 1800 characters with spaces. This is calculated automatically by Word or other similar applications.

For example, if the text contains 33575 characters with spaces then we divide this by 1800 to give us 18.65 translation pages. Once we have the number of translation pages, then we can evaluate the cost according to the following scheme:


The number of pages are calculated on a monthly basis to guarantee you a better price if you have more than one text to translate in a particular month.

The price includes everything:

  • proofreading by a native speaker where necessary
  • consultation
  • after sales service such as text improvement

Discounts and surcharges
We offer a 10% discount on the above prices for public education institutions (schools, universities etc) or employees of public education institutions. We levy a 10% surcharge for translations which involve:

  • “non-standard” European languages such as Finnish or Hungarian
  • non-European languages
  • neither English nor Polish as the source or target language
  • texts of a highly specialized or technical nature, for example legal documents or medical reports


deadlines-enShould you require a shorter deadline than those outlined in this table, we levy a 25% surcharge.

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